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empty How do I search JEM’s archive catalogue?
Currently, JEMs holdings are not entirely searchable online. However, selected programming may be viewed at There you will find links to other JEM sites and various JEM productions which utilize archival footage.

empty Are there written transcriptions of the Rebbes teachings?
Likkutei Sichos (literally, "Collected Talks") contains both the scope and the core of the Lubavitcher Rebbeís teachings, and is the most authoritative source text for the Rebbe's unique, original, and often revolutionary wisdom. Ultimately the existing video recordings of these talks will be preserved and made accessible, but for those wanting to research and study these teachings, more information can be found at

empty Can I borrow a tape?
As preservation work continues, materials from JEMís archive are available for on-site research viewing by appointment only. Many other materials can be viewed online. Please note that JEM is not a lending library and that our materials do not circulate.

empty How do I buy a JEM video or DVD?
DVDs and VHS copies of preserved programming from the JEM archive are available at our website Please note that this is for personal use only. For licensing of archival footage, please see below.

empty How can I use JEM film or video footage in my production?
Footage from the JEM Archive is available for commercial license and use. For licensing information, please contact us with your specific request. For request procedures and our policies click here.

empty Are all parts of JEMís collection available for research and other uses?
JEM's collection consists of over 3,200 hours of moving image materials spanning over eight decades, as well as thousands of hours of audio and hundreds of thousands of photos. As the collection is preserved, materials become available for research, study and other purposes.

empty Can I view the original video recording or film?
JEM, like other moving image archives around the world, safeguards the original or master recordings in its archives. Research copies of materials, with burnt-in time code, are available on either DVD or VHS formats. For licensing materials, we use a submaster recording and can provide footage in NTSC standard, Beta SP, DVCam, Mini-DV, VHS and DVD formats.

empty Where can I find other film and video archives and collections?
Our website provides links to other archives, including a section of organizations that specialize in Jewish related materials. The internet is also an excellent resource for finding titles on video. You might also check your local library and/or other organizations in your region.

empty Can I help support JEM?
JEM is a unique and multifaceted organization involved in preservation, production and access of Jewish-related materials from a Chabad-Lubavitch perspective. The cornerstone of our ever-growing collection is a lifetime of images and audio of the Lubavitcher Rebbe . But much more remains to be done if we are to preserve these materials for future generations.

JEM needs funds to support and fulfill its mission, and to maintain the services we provide on a local, national and international level, including:
  • Continuing to collect film, video and audio materials that reflect our core collections.
  • Producing new documentaries and other productions which utilize archival materials from our collection.
  • Supporting scholarly research, academic use and media production utilizing JEMís collection
    around the world.
  • Preserving our collection according to the highest archival standards.

Your support of JEM and its mission can help us achieve our goals. Click here to make an on-line contribution.

You may also make your tax-deductible check payable to...
Jewish Educational Media
784 Eastern Parkway
Suite 403
Brooklyn, NY 11213


empty Jewish Educational Media
For information about donations, please contact JEMís Executive Director, Rabbi Elkanah Shmotkin at:

718-774-1800 x241

JEM also welcomes donations of film and video materials. If you would like to donate film or video materials, please direct your inquiry here providing a brief description of your collection.
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