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  A historic clip of an early JEM broadcast


The Living Archive, a moving image, audio, and photographic archive, documenting
a fascinating and engaging story in the United States’ modern history.

The archive has a particular emphasis on the life and times of the Rebbe Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson of righteous memory, as well, it is a primary documentation on the evolution of the Jewish people and the Chabad-Lubavitch Chasidic movement over the past eighty years.

Due to the inevitable degradation of magnetic media, the material spanning eight decades – a rich treasure-trove of image and sound – is in danger of destruction.

Through DVD releases, web access and archive requests, The Living archive’s work is utilized by hundreds of thousands of people – from the Jewish community around the world, as well as beyond – every single week.

With help from our generous partners, The Living Archive Restoration and Preservation Project aims to gather, restore, preserve and provide access to these priceless historic documents.

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